42nd Actinide Separations Conference

The Actinide Separations Conference provides a forum for scientists and engineers to present and discuss the results of current research activities, operating experiences, and other matters related to actinide chemistry and nuclear material processing.

Typical topics include: solvent extraction, ion exchange, dissolution and purification of unique materials, pyrochemical processing of actinide materials and used nuclear fuels, and development and implementation of analytical techniques for nuclear materials. There is no other conference that provides a similar venue for applied science work slanted toward DOE actinide missions.

The website can be used to register for the conference and submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.  Abstract for presentations are due on April 9, 2018.

Attendees at the conference will include:
• Representatives from DOE national laboratories and production sites
• DOE staff
• DNFSB staff
• Faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows from universities
• Representatives from industry associated with nuclear material processing
• Colleagues from the United Kingdom, France, and other European countries

The Actinide Conference is held yearly and is hosted on a rotating basis by one of seven DOE national laboratories (ANL, INL, LANL, LLNL, ORNL, PNNL, and SRNL) which perform R&D activities involving the actinide elements (thorium, uranium, neptunium, plutonium, americium, curium etc.).